Web Resources for Musicians, Vol. 1 – SoundCloud

This is the first post in a series of web resources that can be utilized for musicians to delineate content to friends, family, other musicians, future employers, etc.

SoundCloud is a freemium (free for basic features, but an upgrade provides more advanced features) social music service. For free accounts, users are allotted 120 minutes of content. This can be two one-hour tracks or one hundred and twenty one-minute tracks. SoundCloud does not limit the number of tracks, just the number of minutes. Once you have created your account and uploaded your content, you can add friends or followers, similar to Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites, and allow them to view/listen to your content. Your friends are informed when a new track is uploaded and shared.

SoundCloud also provides an app for iOS devices; the app is $0.99. I have found that many things about the app are more intuitive than the website. The streaming audio in the app works well and the ability to manage contacts and share existing tracks to new followers is easier within the app.

Check out SoundCloud. It’s free, with a clean web interface and intuitive, useful controls.


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