iOS App Recommendation: TonalEnergy Tuner

I recently came across TonalEnergy Tuner in the iOS App Store. I was instantly intrigued. There are so many music apps in the App Store that it can be difficult to find the gems. This is, most certainly, one of those gems. For $1.99 you get a universal app (works natively on iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad). This app has the word “tuner” in the title, but it is more than that. All functions help the user of the app develop intonation, but in a variety of ways. 

1. As a traditional tuner. When you are in tune, the app gives you a “smilie” face.


2. A drone creator. This drone creator allows you to alter temperaments, create chords to tune with, and change the sound of the drone to different instruments. These are mediocre midi sounds, but it is more helpful than an electronic piano sound, like so many drone apps.


3. A spectral/waveform viewer/recorder. This is an amazing function. One can record and play back the audio file. The app records your intonation, which you can view live while replaying. The app knows when you hold out a longer note and will show you if the intonation shifts flat or sharp at any point in the note. 


For only $1.99 this is one of the best apps you can have on your iOS device. I would recommend this to anyone. 


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