Dr. Allen leads a warmup session for the Junior ITF

On Friday June 28, 2013 Dr. Jonathan Allen led the Junior ITF in a warmup session.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The warm up session focused on having a well-rounded Daily Routine that touches all aspects of technique so that all areas develop together.

The outline from the warmup session:

1) Stretching
Pull arm across body – count to 20 seconds
Interscapular (the muscles between shoulder blades and spine)
Pull shoulders back. Hold for 20 seconds. Repeat.
Put arm behind back. Try to use your other hand to pull up.

2) Breathing
In 4, out 4… In 3, out 3… In 2, out 2… In 1, out 1. Reverse (1,2,3,4)
In 4, out 4… In 3, out 5… In 2, out 6… In 1, out 7.
In 4, out 4… In 3, out 3… In 2, out 2… In 1, out 1…
In eighth note, out eight notes.

3) Remington long tones (change the order occasionally)

4) Combining long tones with slow slurs (and glisses = no tongue)

5) Get the tongue going. (Measure 37)
Play long, connected notes.
Blow through everything, only using the tongue to create the note shape.
Play down chromatically as low as possible.

6) Slurs
Blow through. Only use the tongue on the first note.
Stay as relaxed as possible when changing partials.

7) Tongueing
(Measure 49) Play the longest notes possible with good front.
Play scalar passages with increasing motion.
Also play in arpeggios.

8) Warm down
The idea is to relax the chops, not just play low notes for the heck of it.
Try glissing your relaxer to further relax the tongue.

PDF of handout: Routine1


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