Web Resources – New York Philharmonic Archives

The New York Philharmonic has recently launched the Archive portion of their website. This is an ambitious project that will benefit us musicians greatly.

Current content:

    1.3 million pages of archives, including scans of printed programs and Bernstein’s scores with notes.
    Performance History – a complete list of all New York Philharmonic performances, searchable by date, composer, etc.

Future content:

    Nineteenth Century Collection
    Scores and Parts (digital scans of original scores -including original Mahler works- that are public domain)
    Press Clippings
    Visual Collections – over 27,000 photos
    Live Performance Recordings
    Working Files of the Philharmonic
    Programs – Complete set of programs from 1842 to present

This is an amazing and ambitious project. I look forward to seeing how this progresses.

Check out the New York Philharmonic digital archives here.


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