Recommended iOS App – Just Drones

At the suggestion of one of my students, I downloaded Just Drones by Michael Eskin. The app is just what it sounds like – just drones. The are three sliders: pitch modulation, the volume of the primary drone, and the volume of the secondary drone. As one can see from the screen shot, one can easily choose the pitch of the drone as well as the interval of the secondary drone. The app reviews show that a majority of people gave this one star, but I have to disagree. I feel that it is very useful to have drones with you on the go, without taking us significant storage in your iTunes library for audio files. This also adds more control than a stand-alone audio file. The interface isn’t fancy, but the app is useful. I would easily give this four stars, five stars if the interface were slightly modified so that the pitch selection were easier. For those with large fingers, like myself, selecting the drone pitch can be difficult as the buttons are quite small.


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