Neotech Trombone Grip

I am one of those trombonists that have had pain in their left hand, forearm, and shoulder for years. This pain even led to a surgery four years ago that forced me to take time off the instrument. Some pain is starting to creep back. I was using an Ergobone, but it is just not convenient for those that travel or play a lot of gigs. The entire system must be removed and replaced each time you take the instrument out of the case. I often placed the Ergobone differently on accident and it had mixed results. At the suggestion of a colleague, I am trying out the Neotech Trombone Grip. This seems to be a more permanent solution than the Ergobone and it reminds me of something a friend, Andrew Wolfe, was experimenting with a while back when he was having some hand issues (Andy’s device was made of medical grade plaster/casting material). I have ordered the grip from Amazon for a very reasonable $25.08. I will report back when I get it and have a few days to try it out. I have embedded a video about the product for the curious:



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